year year [jɪə, jɜː ǁ jɪr] written abbreviation yr noun [countable]
1. also calendar year the period of time beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31:

• The Small Business Administration arranged 55,000 small business loans last year.

2. any period of time equal to about 12 months:

• My passport expires in a year.

fiˌnancial ˈyear also acˈcounting ˌyear ACCOUNTING
especially BrE the 12-month period over which a company's accounts are calculated. In Britain, many companies have the end of March or the end of December as the end of their financial year.:

• Pretax earnings for the last financial year fell to £160.6 million.

ˌfiscal ˈyear ACCOUNTING
1. especially AmE a company's financial year:

• For the first nine months of its fiscal year, the company's after-tax profit rose 21% to $364 million.

2. the 12-month period used by government departments for calculating budget S etc, in Britain ending on April 5:

• The cabinet gave its approval for an austere budget for the next fiscal year.

• Emergency medical care cost the city $66.5 million in fiscal year 1998.

a 12-month period at the end of which your taxable income is calculated. In Britain the tax year ends on April 5:

• By the end of the tax year, the company had invested £39.7 billion.

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year UK US /jɪər/ noun [C]
(also calendar year) a period of 365 or 366 days, starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st: »

The project took five years to complete.


last/next/this year


the following/previous year

a period of twelve months relating to a particular activity: »

He earns $68,000 a year.

years — Cf. years
of the year — Cf. of the year
year after year — Cf. year after year
year by year — Cf. year by year
year in, year out — Cf. year in, year out
See also AMOUNT FALLING DUE AFTER ONE YEAR(Cf. ↑amount falling due after one year), AMOUNT FALLING DUE WITHIN ONE YEAR(Cf. ↑amount falling due within one year), BEGINNING OF YEAR(Cf. ↑beginning of year), END-OF-YEAR(Cf. ↑end-of-year), FINANCIAL YEAR(Cf. ↑financial year), FISCAL YEAR(Cf. ↑fiscal year), TAX YEAR(Cf. ↑tax year), YEAR-AGO(Cf. ↑year-ago), YEAR END(Cf. ↑year end), YEAR-ON-YEAR(Cf. ↑year-on-year), YEAR-OVER-YEAR(Cf. ↑year-over-year), YEAR TO DATE(Cf. ↑year to date)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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